North Norfolk Documentaries

North Norfolk is the most rural part of Norfolk, this is because it is the only district within the county to have less than a third of its population living within an urban area (Note 1). Being rural allows North Norfolk to stand out for its sheer beauty, all the way from the medieval churches to the sandy beaches near Cromer.

This article lists some very interesting documentaries about North Norfolk selected to educate people about the district.

Normal For Norfolk

Normal For Norfolk is a series of documentary/reality TV episodes which follows in the footsteps of Desmond MacCarthy, who is a North Norfolk farmer. The documentary shows the hard work that goes into running multiple types of business activities (running a 250-acre farm, cafe and holiday cottages) to earn enough income in order to maintain his country lifestyle and Wiveton Hall. Normal For Norfolk is a pretty excellent series that will help you learn how some common types of business in North Norfolk are run.

Original Air Date: 27th April 2016

Living with Poverty: Country Kids

Living with Poverty: Country Kids is a documentary about rural childhood poverty, filmed in the North Norfolk town of Holt. The documentary itself starts at the Holt Youth Project, which provides activities for children living in the council estate of the town. The documentary shows an interesting look into rural poverty and the lack of government funding for people in deprived communities, especially for people in rural areas where there are fewer activities for children to do.

Original Air Date: 22nd May 2013

Norfolk Uncovered: The North Walsham & Dilham Canal

Norfolk Uncovered is a series of documentaries which goes over the history of unloved architecture in Norfolk. This episode goes over the history of the North Walsham & Dilham Canal, going over a variety of topics around the abandonment of the canal, including the attempts at restoration of it.

Unlike most other documentaries “Norfolk Uncovered: The North Walsham & Dilham Canal” packs a lot of information into its 24-minute runtime, with a detailed rundown of its history, including that the Canal was originally meant for transporting coal but as roads where cheaper, so used mostly for agricultural goods. It also goes over some histories of the mills that are next to the canal, including a buy out leading to closure and the case of the Briggate Mill being burnt down as insurance fraud.

Original Air Date: 4th February 2014

Note 1: Norfolk Story October 2017 Page 3 (Norfolk; both urban and rural).