About HistoryofNorfolk.com

HistoryofNorfolk is a free website for looking up historical facts about the county of Norfolk. Unlike many other websites that cover areas of the countys’ history, HistoryofNorfolk combines together many sources of information together into articles that go over a very specific topic.

This makes the interesting history of Norfolk accessible to far more people than who have this access to that knowledge at the moment.

What writing style does HistoryofNorfolk use?

Articles on HistoryofNorfolk are generally written in a combination of a timeline and wiki-like style. Combining the two styles of writing makes articles on HistoryofNorfolk a lot easier to read and makes it easier to keep track of which part of the article that you are currently reading.

How do I report factual errors to HistoryofNorfolk?

If you spot any errors you can send an email to; contact@historyofnorfolk.com